FiberStrike- Continuous pipeline monitoring

Maximize reputation and safety; Minimize risk and exposure

Much more than leak detection, our CPM classified, continuous pipeline monitoring system will track a PIG, alert an Impact Event (accurate to one foot), Strain, Ground Shift, a Puncture, Leak, or Rupture within three seconds, to an unmatched accuracy. With M2M communication, our system can automatically dispatch a drone, direct a camera to an event, close a valve, turn off a pump, text alert the nearest technician, while contacting emergency responders with an incident report. Our non-invasive, external discrete sensors provide a means for significant cost avoidance, are rugged, immune to electrical interference, and keep your pipeline in front of federal regulatory requirements. Operate multiple pipelines? Link all information to a single hub.

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Cleveland Electric Labs

Advanced Technologies Group, our fiber optic firm, is based in Tempe, Az. They are the leader in acoustic monitoring and have 94 years of thermocouple and sensing solution experience.

Monument Oil

We have served the petroleum industry since 1927.